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Discover the Paris Mint...

Discover the Paris Mint...

Located in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district of Paris, the Hôtel Université offers a tasteful, warm and elegant setting thanks to its high-quality contemporary ambience. The hotel’s furniture was created by the most renowned designers, particularly Philippe Hurel. Near the Hôtel Université is the Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint), the main national monetary institution in France.


The Monnaie de Paris; a French institution since 864

Founded on June 25th, 864 by decree of one of the three heirs of Charlemagne, Charles II, who wished to establish a royal mint in the capital, the Monnaie de Paris is the oldest enterprise of its kind in the world. Today it remains a national institution, manufacturing the currency used in France. While you’re in Paris, a visit to the Monnaie de Paris is a must during your stay. The nation’s foremost mint presents fascinating regular exhibitions of high quality suitable for all ages and has a museum offering an interactive and sensory experience.


The Monnaie de Paris; fascinating, fun and informative

The 11 Conti Museum of the Monnaie de Paris invites you to discover the secrets and history behind the manufacture of the currency used in France, from metal extraction to minting and from the coins of the distant past right up to the euro. You can also take a tour behind the scenes of the mint’s workshops, meet the skilled people who work there and see what they do. You can even have a go at striking your own token! A look around the Monnaie de Paris is for everyone, whether you are passionate about the history of the currency and French culture or are simply curious about an aspect of our everyday lives that is often taken for granted; coinage. The Monnaie de Paris should be on your list of places to discover in the capital. Please note that advance booking is required for guided tours in English.



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