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Parisian cabarets to discover this winter

Parisian cabarets to discover this winter

Legendary, inimitable, sexy; Parisian cabarets transport you for an evening into an unforgettably glamorous world. The Lido, Moulin Rouge and Paradis Latin are the leading paragons of the Parisian tradition of cabarets, presenting colourful shows bursting with fun and spectacle. This year, treat yourself to an evening in one of the great Parisian cabarets.


Lido; the sparkle of sequins on the Champs-Élysées

Located on the most beautiful avenue in the world, the Champs-Élysées, the Lido has entertained audiences since 1945. A place of celebration and fantasies, it produces sensual dance shows and has played host to numerous great performers. Over the years, legends such as Edith Piaf, Josephine Baker, Elton John and Dalida have enchanted audiences here.


The Moulin Rouge; high kicks at the foot of Montmartre

Located at the foot of the hill of Montmartre, in the 18th arrondissement, the Moulin Rouge is instantly recognisable due to its rooftop windmill, which sports illuminated sails. Opened at the end of the 19th century, the Moulin Rouge saw the birth of the French Cancan, a dance that became famous around the world. The cabaret’s dancers are noted for their perfect proportions and finesse.


Paradis Latin; sensuality in the Latin Quarter

Established in 1802, the Paradis Latin is the historic doyen of Parisian cabarets. It is situated in the 5th arrondissement, on the Parisian Left Bank. Here you can enjoy sophisticated revues choreographed by today's great talents. For your Parisian break, book your room at the Hôtel de l'Université, also located on the Left Bank, in the very elegant 7th arrondissement. Chic, tasteful, yet friendly, the Hôtel de l'Université will be your haven of comfort and tranquillity in Paris.



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