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The most unusual bookshops in Paris

The most unusual bookshops in Paris

During your next visit to Paris, why not seek out the city’s most unusual bookshops? If you’re passionate about books, a collector of rare editions and unusual items, you’ll want to check out these bookshops with a difference during your stay at the Hôtel de l'Université!


A bookshop without books

A bookshop without books? If you think that’s impossible, think again, because print on demand technology is shaping the future of bookshops. The prestigious Presses Universitaires de France, located in the Latin Quarter, welcomes you in a stock-free environment. Make your choice of what you wish to read from the millions of titles in the catalogue and then chill out with a coffee as you wait for the robot to print out your copy! Amazing!


A bookshop on the water

In the 19th arrondissement, on the Canal de l’Ourcq, you can find the bookshop L'eau et les Rêves (Water and Dreams), a dream that has become a reality. Aboard this lovely barge you’ll discover a floating bookshop based, appropriately enough, around maritime themes. Embark on this boating bookstore and relax, rocked by gentle wavelets!


A kiosk turned bookstore

Bolek is well known to Parisians and even some tourists ... For more than 30 years he has sold books from his former newspaper kiosk like the booksellers on the banks of the Seine. He offers an unusual and eclectic collection of books, often second-hand and sold at unbeatable prices.


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